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soigneur services

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soigneur services

Soigneur is a french term for “caretaker'“ and a profession in the world of cycling … we look after the welfare of cyclists.

A few of our job duties include massage therapy, cooking meals, preparing ride nutrition, tuning up bikes, airport shuttles, food shopping, laundry, filling bidons and musettes, handing them out in the feed zone, washing the team cars and providing professional sag support.


sag support

Powered by SAGmonkey we have been exceeding expectations and enhancing the overall cycling experience for our clients since 2005.


bike tours

You choose the location and provide us with your ideal itinerary. We will then deliver an epic bespoke bike tour experience.


mobile bike repair

Our professional services include a simple tire change, complex and complete overhaul, a fine tune up or a simple derailleur adjustment.

We work on full suspension, hydraulic and disc brakes, road, mountain and gravel bikes.

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catering services

Bespoke Mobile Kitchen creates delicious food for any size group, event or venue.

“Nick Nicastro has been, first and foremost, a friend of mine for ten plus years. We met through our mutual love and camaraderie of athletics, but our friendship extended way beyond these typical boundaries. Nick is not just a multi-talented individual with many real-world skills. He is a kindhearted, thoughtful, and caring man who selflessly navigates through life to bend over backward for others. I cherish the memories of all the times Nick went out of his way to help me in some capacity without wanting anything in return. His is the most faithful friend in this sense. He knows good things happen to good people and he selflessly lives his every day by ‘what comes around goes around' and practices this loving attitude towards life.”

Meredith B. Kessler Professional Triathlete